This morning I was looking at a photo album from my childhood and came across this one of me. It’s from a trip my family took to Florida in the early 1970s to visit my brother and his family. He was stationed there while serving in the Navy.

Let’s get this out of the way first — I think I look pretty darn cute. That outfit is super sweet. A little white plastic Goody snap barrette. I wish my hair was still a lighter shade of blonde like that. The sneakers I’m wearing really pop in the photo. It must have been the first time I wore them. I wonder how long they stayed that unblemished white. I really like the overall look of the photo. The colors — Chambray blue of the outfit accented with red. Light yellow of the house.

I really love these type of snapshots. A moment in time captured on film. The end result not revealed until the roll was developed days, weeks or months later. Fewer photos. Unpredictable. Treasured. Digital photography of the present just doesn’t compare.

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