When I was at the Saint Louis Art Museum a couple weeks ago I came across this little Fiat while walking to my car. I think it’s so cute and the color is fantastic.

It appears to be a Fiat 500 Pop and the color is Verde Chiaro. Below is an image from the Fiat USA website. It shows the color much better.

The color is so retro and makes me think of . . . jadite.

This refrigerator.

This blender.

I do love green. Anyway, back to the car.┬áRecently I’ve been thinking I wouldn’t mind a little car. Better gas mileage. Doesn’t take up much space. Keep in mind, I’ve not actually been in a little car like this. So, I really know if I’d even like it. Oh, well. No money at the moment to buy any kind of vehicle. However, I’d have no problem with it if somebody leaves one on my driveway for me. Please and thank you.

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