We live in a small 1955 ranch-style house in the suburbs. It’s a rectangle and the rooms are compartmentalized. A living room, a full bathroom, three bedrooms and a kitchen with an unfinished basement under the whole thing. I’m here to talk about the third bedroom, which I’m calling the extra room. It’s traditionally been referred to as the “computer room” because that’s what it’s primarily been used for.

A few years ago we revamped the room. The walls, doors and trim in our house had been covered with a number of coats of white paint from previous owners. Very bland and cold. We replaced all of the trim in the room with new trim that has an old fashioned look. We used Valspar paint from the Eddie Bauer line. Pine Needle for the walls and Flax for the ceiling, door and trim. Satin finish on the walls and ceiling and semi-gloss on the door and trim. We also put in new flooring, cellular shades (that go both up and down) and a ceiling fan with a vintage look.

Fast forward to now. The room has turned into a bit of a dumping ground. Okay, more than a bit. What has really made it worse is that I recently removed a bookcase to make room for something else that will be going in the room. The contents of the bookcase are piled in a couple of the plastic bins and on the floor. Below is the awful reality. I can’t believe I’m giving you a look at it. I even diminished the shock of it by applying a soft and faded filter to the photos. These shots don’t even pick up every inch of the horror. It’s truly amazing how much stuff can fit into such a small space and how things can get out of control.

Yes, that’s my sewing machine on the floor in the lower right photo. In the lower left photo is the serger I bought at the end of last year that I haven’t used yet. Earlier this year I got the rolling cart with all of the drawers that the serger is sitting on. I have my sewing supplies organized in it. Very handy. In the upper right photo you’ll see two posts my daughter took off her bed and put in the room. It’s all such a sad, sad sight.

Never fear! I have a plan. The corner desk is going to the opposite corner. The other desk is going bye-bye. The plastic bins and all of the loose things in the room are going out. A few other pieces of furniture will be going in and will hold the mess that needs to remain in the room.

Now that I’ve publicly shamed myself, it’s time to get down to work. I’ll post a “during” update next week. I have to get this done because the room will include my sewing space and I have to make my entry for the Fall For Cotton sewing challenge.

I’m linking up with Sewing By Moonlight. Hop on over there to see some other messy rooms!

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