Well, it’s been exactly one week since my last Giveaway Roundup post. Actually, for any kind of post whatsoever. Busy days since then. Never enough hours that is for sure. Without any further delay, here are some giveaways for you to look into.

CONTINUING >> Don’t forget Alison Glass is giving away 74 fat quarters from her two new fabric lines on her blog. Plus, there’s a blog hop going on with a giveaway on each that runs through October 11th. The list of participants is on Alison’s blog.

Here’s the lowdown on my Giveaway Roundup posts. I list giveaways I come across from what I follow on Bloglovin, Twitter and Facebook. To make it quick and easy for me, I’ve listed the title from the giveaway page and linked to it.  Entry deadlines vary, so don’t dawdle. Check out each one right away and enter the ones you’re interested in winning.

You can keep up on my giveaway posts through one of the feed options in the Follow box to the right (such as Bloglovin) or on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

The photo featured is from:  Le Creuset Giveaway!

Good luck!

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