This is the great coupon I received this week via a text link from Target. I used it yesterday and received $10 off the groceries I purchased. I love Target! I think if you sign up for their mobile coupons by 11/23 they’ll text this coupon to you. Do it!

If you sign up for their mobile text coupon alerts, you’ll receive a text from them with a link that takes you to a page that displays the coupons. There’ll be a QR code at the top. All you do when you’re checking out is show that to the cashier on your phone, they’ll scan the QR code and the discounts for the applicable items you purchased will be deducted. Easy peasy. No coupon clipping!

I don’t get texts from them very often. I want to say I get a text with a link to new coupons every couple of weeks. In between usually a reminder the current coupons will be expiring. Nothing too frequent or annoying. Their mobile coupon intro text states up to five messages a month. If you no longer want to receive them, all you have to do is text back STOP.

These coupons work just like the paper ones. You can use one Target coupon in combination with one manufacturer coupon. You may want to familiarize yourself with their current coupon policy.

Simply text┬áCOUPONS to 827438 to start receiving their coupon alerts or┬ávisit Target’s mobile page to sign up and to find links to their Android, iPhone and iPad apps.

Happy Target shopping!

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