Corey at Little Miss Shabby has posted the second block for the quilty stitches sampler along.  It’s not too late to join in.  A new block is posted every two weeks.  Plenty of time to get caught up.

Yesterday evening I printed the chart for the second block, colored it in and stitched it up.

Here’s my finished second block.  I used DMC colors 720, 3809 and 3821.  It’s a bit more colorful than my first block.

Here are my first two blocks together.  I chose to stitch only the main portions of the design and left the Aida cloth as the background instead of filling it in with stitches.  Do yours as you like to make it your own.

How do you stitch parts marked with a triangle on the chart?

I had messages sent to me after I posted about the first block asking how I stitched the parts marked with a triangle on the chart.  For those I use a 3/4 stitch, which is a combination of a 1/4 stitch that goes from one corner to the middle and a 1/2 stitch that goes from one corner to another corner.  I find it gives more defined points in the design.  Here’s an example from DMC’s cross stitch guide:

I’ll check back in a couple weeks with block three.

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  1. Wow! You are fast! I’m almost done stitching the sashing for mine. For some reason, I got it into my head that it needed to be done first. :) I’m excited to get started on the blocks soon!

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