Back in the 80s and 90s I used to cross stitch a lot. I made just about everything — framed pieces, hoops, pillows, ornaments, tea towels, t-shirts, sweat shirts and so on. The other day I was thinking about that. I made a lot of gifts. One was personalized for my brother’s marriage — which ended in divorce. Don’t make personalized wedding gifts. I’m not saying don’t make a wedding gift. Just don’t make one personalized with names and all that.

Anyway, about the time my daughter was born in the mid 1990s I got away from cross stitch. The good news is last year I got back in the saddle again! I want to share with you the projects I’m currently working on. I tend to share snapshots on Instagram but I don’t take the time to talk about those things in more detail here.

This is the big cross stitch project I’m working on. It’s the Butternut Hill Rose Sampler from Told in a Garden. I bought the pattern about 1995 from a now closed local cross stitch shop, as well as the 32 count Belfast dirty linen and a couple hand dyed variegated Caron threads. The rest of the thread is regular DMC floss. It’s stitched two over two, which means two strands of embroidery floss over two threads of linen.

As you can see, I have the main part of the sampler completed but there’s a ton of roses left to stitch around the border. My goal is to complete this in 2014. I calculated I need to stitch about eight roses per month to meet my goal and I already fell behind in February. On the left side you can see where I stitched the flower portion of eight roses but still need to do the greenery.

There are a bunch of different reds and greens involved in the border. I really wish I would have stitched this back when I bought it when my eyes were younger because stitching over this tiny linen isn’t fun. I have to employ reading glasses to do it.

Next up is what I’m working on for the quilty stitches sampler along. Corey will be putting out the pattern for the fifth block tomorrow. I’ll try to figure out my colors and get it stitched up right away so I can share it here with you. It’s still not too late to join in. You can find all of Corey’s posts about it here.

Last is this project I just started a couple days ago. It’s a bunch of characters from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One of my favorite movies! The pattern is from Wee Little Stitches. I love the Black Knight with no arms or legs. So fun! There are some French knots and back stitches that I’ll be adding on after I finish all of the cross stitches.

My daughter has asked me to make their Mean Girls design. Isn’t it fetch? Another favorite movie of mine. Very quotable.

You may be interested in knowing that I checked with the Wee Little Stitches folks and they are working on turning characters from Game of Thrones into cross stitch. Hooray!

I do have a folk art alphabet I need to share with you soon. I started it in the late 1980s and it sat with only a part of the Z stitched since then until I finally finished the Z in December of last year. I cannot tell you why I didn’t finish the Z all those years ago.

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  1. Melissa! Those are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I do not have the patience for cross-stitch you are a ROCK STAR!!!! Thank you so much for linking up to SEWjo Saturday!

  2. I did the same thing, I use to cross stitch all the time, then gave it up… four years ago I again picked up the needle and have been hooked ever since. Mill Hill and Lavender and Lace patterns are what brought me back. Plus I joined a online Cross stitch Yahoo group (The World of Charity Stitching) that stitched squares for themes and then they send to quilters to make into lap robes for nursing homes and small quilts for ill children, they also do a abused shelter. They also have members that use the small CCS squares in walker and wheelchair bags.

  3. These are gorgeous!! Incredible work!! I free-hand embroidery a lot, but have not started cross-stitch. Yet. I saw the quilty stitches sampler and fell in love! I won’t have my sewing machine over the summer, so I decided that I will work on the quilty stitches cross-stitch instead. Thank goodness for internet how-to’s! Hopefully I can figure it out!

  4. I love what you have done! It sounds like me though. I have a couple of projects that I never did finish and the sad thing one of the is almost done.

  5. I love cross stitch, although the tiny stitches and having to keep track drives me batty sometimes. Those projects are slow going. I have a beautiful birdhouse that has taken about 10years to near completion. I am on the outline now.
    Super tiny stitches is why I stay away from HAED designs. They are beautiful, but I know they would cause a headache. Most have 10+ pages for a small design.

  6. I too have done many cross-stitch projects and have many more I had planned on doing. I should get back to the incomplete projects. I had gathered materials for Corey’s stitch along but have not begun. I will have to see what I can do about that. Your sampler is beautiful.

  7. I love alphabet samplers and have done almost 30 of them over the years. The one above is just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more of what you’re working on.

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