I’ve decided to take part in Sew For Victory! It’s a 1940s sew-along hosted by Rochelle at Lucky Lucille. It’s not a competition. It’s an opportunity to work on a 1940s sewing project along with other kindred spirits. There will even be some prizes given away to those who complete their projects by the deadline.

Participants select a 1940s pattern, which can be an actual vintage pattern, a reproduction pattern or a pattern of a modern design with a 1940s feel to it. Fabric used should either be vintage or modern with a 1940s look. If you want more details, you can find all of Rochelle’s informative posts for this sew-along here. She has lots of helpful info and even mentions some pattern discounts.

Last year I participated in the Fall For Cotton sew-along. That was a sew-along using only cotton fabric and a style selected from a number of vintage decades. I chose 1940s and made a blouse. Because I’m a slacker, I haven’t posted about my finished blouse. Yet. However, you can take a look at my intro post where I shared my pattern and fabric.


I have been wanting to make a vintage style apron and this sew-along has motivated me to do it now. Above is the apron pattern I ordered yesterday from Wearing History Patterns. It’s just the look I had in mind. Though, I’m not so keen on the heart shaped pockets. I think I’ll replace those with a couple square patch pockets without trim. Have them blend in.

For this 1940s project I’m once again going to use a DS Quilts print fabric. I’ll be heading off to Jo-Ann in the next couple of days to pick it out. I’ll be back with an update once I have all of my supplies. The pattern is printed to order, so the company says to allow up to 10 days for it to ship out.

Have you sewn vintage? Are you already participating in this sew-along or considering doing it?

4 comments on “Sew For Victory {intro}”

  1. I’ve never sewn vintage, but I was super excited last year at a book sale to find a hardback book of Vogue patterns from the 70s. I love that apron and love your idea to modify the pockets. Can’t wait to see what fabric you choose!

    • I’ll fight you for that book, Jess. That was my time! Did a double take a while back when a niece talked about wearing vintage clothes to school. I asked, and she said, “Oh, the 80s or the 90s.”

  2. Have fun with the vintage sew. I have never really formed a sense of 40s fabrics like I have the thirties or the later decades. My grandmother wore aprons like that all the time; my mother wore the flimsy “hostess” aprons of the 50s. Me, I use the seat of my pants (unless there is grease spattering). I do love the apron, and may have to break down and find a pattern for myself.

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