I’m so glad for the interest in the 1930s Fabric Swap! I want to share some details about it with you before registration opens for the first round next week.


When I say round I’m referring to each time a swap is done. I’m planning on doing the swap over and over in separate rounds, as long as there is interest and sufficient participants.


Only quilt shop quality cotton fabric that is new, unwashed, pressed and from a smoke free environment. The quantity and cut size will vary per round. One round may be providing cut pieces from one yard of fabric. Another may be providing fat eighths from one yard of fabric. Possibly providing mixed fat quarters for a potluck kind of swap. I think it will be fun to mix it up to keep things interesting.

Above are some of my 1930s fabrics. The prints vary from florals to animals to geometrics in an array of colors.


The swap is open to participants worldwide. An individual can register for more than one spot in a swap round. The number of swappers will depend on what size of fabric pieces are being swapped.


Traditionally, swaps work in such a way that swappers buy their fabric, cut it and mail it to the swap host who divvies it up and mails it back out to the participants. You can participate this way and either mail a postage paid return envelope with your fabric or pay me by PayPal for the return postage. ¬†Or to help save time and money (especially if you’re outside of the US), I will offer an option for participants to pay an amount by PayPal that covers the cost of the fabric and postage, where I will do the cutting. You’ll still get to choose the fabric you are contributing. This option will be offered if it works with the particular fabric cuts being swapped for a round.


You will need to join the Flickr group. This is where we’ll share the fabric print we’re contributing so there won’t be duplicates.


I’ll set deadlines for each swap making sure there’s plenty of time for those who will be mailing their fabric to me.

Round One!

The first round will consist of 28 swappers. Each will be responsible for one yard of fabric cut into 28 pieces measuring 5″ x 10″ (all the same print). Like double wide charm squares. When all is said and done, each swapper will receive 28 different 1930s prints cut into 5″ x 10″ pieces. Next week in the registration post I will include info about cutting the fabric as required. Also, this will be a swap with the option of paying the set amount. If you select this option (instead of providing your own fabric) you will get to choose a print from a particular online shop I will designate. All participants will receive a discount code for that shop for any purchase they’d like to make (for the swap or not). A perk for being in the swap! By the way, if you’re providing your own fabric you can obtain it from wherever you like.

Okay! Are you ready? I’ll publish a post next week that opens up registration for Round One. The first 28 spots registered will be in. Any others after that will have first dibs on the next round. Since this is my first time doing this, I don’t know how quickly or slowly the swap spots will fill up. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes! To be notified when the registration post is published, please follow my blog in some way. I have found notifications via email (New Posts By Email on the right side of this page) to be the fastest notification.

I think that should cover things so far. Any questions?

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  1. You were fast on making this blog post, awesome, I will probably do the option were I pay you for the fabric (to cut) and shipping since I am in Greece.

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