Winner — There’s a winner for the green and orange fat quarter bundle, folks!  Shirley T. is the lucky duck! We’ve already been in touch by email.

I have to say, every single time I look at that image when I announce a winner I think wiener instead of winner.

Anyone else?

and One Thing — Yesterday I mentioned the Aurifil 50wt Mako cotton thread set deal on Massdrop. At the time it didn’t have the five confirmed purchases to guarantee the first price point of $51.99. Now it’s at the third and lowest price of $45.99 with 38 confirmed purchases, well past the needed 25. Hooray! The deal is available only until some point on May 7th. There’s free shipping to the US and, from what I have been told, reasonable shipping internationally. You can go to the deal page here.

I often see people commenting how expensive Aurifil thread is. I urge you to do a little math to compare the cost of Aurifil thread per yard vs the other threads you use. I think you’ll be surprised with the results. The large spool of Aurifil may seem small but there’s a hefty 1422 yards of 50wt thread on it.

Don’t only go by cost when choosing thread. Compare the quality. When I declared my love for Aurifil and why I switched here, I included a link to a post with microscopic thread images and that mentions why a high quality low lint thread is important. I could feel and hear the difference when running my sewing machine for the first time threaded with Aurifil 50wt Mako cotton thread. I also think I heard my machine say “I love you”. I’m not sure if it was meant for me or the thread.

The reason I’m saying this is because I’m really happy using Aurifil thread and I don’t like seeing it get a bad rap on the perception of the cost. Plus, I wanted to pass on this great Massdrop deal while it’s still available. I don’t want this coming across as a sponsored endorsement, as it is not. I’m just an Aurifil fangirl.

So, that’s that.

What do you have to say about thread? Is there a particular brand you prefer or your machine prefers? Different threads for different uses?

Tell me about it.

[ image credit: Massdrop ]

9 comments on “Winner and One Thing”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about the deal. I have switched over to using Aurifil 50 wt. for my quilting and I love it. Those are nice, basic colors in the Massdrop deal so I ordered!

  2. hurray! I signed up for this one as soon as it went live–Aurifil for less than $7.50 a large spool, and free shipping?! Heck yeah!! I hope they get some other colors I need, what a great deal.
    >> Renee recently blogged: WIP: Hakuna Matata

  3. I ended up buying a cone of the white thread (my go to) because it worked out cheaper than the pack of spools. It’s lasting forever! I’m lucky that my machine can use cones so i can benefit from the cheaper cost/size though :) My previous machine, a cheap little clunker, LOVED Aurifil and i continue to use it on my Janome but I don’t think my Janome likes it as much as I do! It’s getting really linty and tends to pull out of the threader a lot which I didn’t have issues with on my little clunker. I’m persevering though because *I* like it!!
    >> Joanna recently blogged: Make Over

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