Did you know yesterday was American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day? That Man and I celebrated it by taking part in the 10th annual Green Rock Trail Challenge. This is the third year I’ve done it. There’s a 150 participant limit and it’s free. The hike covers seven miles of the Green Rock Trail starting at Rockwoods Reservation and finishing in Greensfelder Park. The trail continues on for some additional miles before ending in Rockwoods Range. The trail is rated moderate or difficult, depending on the section of the trail.

That morning I saw storms in western Missouri on radar moving to the northeast and it appeared they would miss where we would be hiking. Upon arriving to the hike meeting place, we received a t-shirt and they provided bagels and juice for breakfast, as well as granola bars, snack bars, water and Gatorade to take along. We actually meet at the end point. They bus everybody to the start of the hike. Because of the storms they decided to get one bus on the way and we were able to get on it. Halfway through the hike there’s a road crossing where they had a porta potty and more bottles of water and Gatorade. As we were heading off to finish the remainder of the hike a volunteer pulled up in a car and told the volunteers there that the fire department wanted the participants to stop due to the approaching storms and that they were sending the buses to pick the people up. We were determined to complete the hike and continued on. I checked the radar again and saw a bow line had developed extending south from the main batch of rain and it was heading right at us but it looked like we had time to complete the hike. We had been hustling the entire hike and we continued at a quick pace. When we finished and got back at the meeting place, they had lunch waiting for us — sandwiches, salad, potato salad, cut fruit and cookies. We ate and left for home. On our way sprinkles of rain began to fall but we arrived home before the storms hit. Once again, it was a great event even with the threat of storms looming. That only made the experience more exciting.

Are you ready to start linking up giveaways for this week? I have been overwhelmed lately by the number of you that are adding giveaways to link up each week. Be sure to come back here whenever you happen upon a giveaway and add it to the link up. Don’t keep them to yourself. I really believe it’s good karma to share.

Adding a giveaway to the link up is super duper easy. Click the “Add your link” button below. Paste the URL for the giveaway website in the Link box. It will automatically fill in the Link Title and will give you a selection of images to choose from. Pick the image that most appropriately represents the giveaway. Done!

It would be great if you could add the following at the end of the link title:

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When entering giveaways, be sure to read the blog post the blogger has taken the time to write and comment on the content.

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Have a fantabulous week!

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