I have a few sewing finishes to share.

First up is a blouse I made using McCall’s pattern M6035 view A. The fabric I’ve had on hand for a number of years. I believe it came from Jo-Ann. I really like how this blouse turned out. The one thing I did differently when I made it was not adding a button hole and button at the collar. I’m not 100% sold on how little puffy sleeves look on me, though I wish I was. Isn’t it a drag when you make something and like how it looks finished but then not quite as much when you put it on?

Next is the blouse I made for the Fall for Cotton sew along. I used Simplicity pattern 1590 view B. It’s a reprint of a 1940s pattern. I’m very happy with this blouse except for the peplum. Definitely not for me. I do like the sleeves and collar. I had to lengthen the pattern and I didn’t think about it when I adjusted the buttons. The last button at the top of the peplum isn’t lined up with the ties. But this will not matter since I’m going to remove the fullness and straighten the peplum, as well as add a couple more buttons. The fabric I used is DS Quilts from Jo-Ann and is still available.

Last is the apron I made for the Sew for Victory sew along. The pattern I purchased from Wearing History Patterns. I am not pleased with how it turned out and it’s all on me. I didn’t take my time attaching the bias trim and I think I made it too wide. It just doesn’t have the definition it should have. Also, the scalloped edges are not a look for me. I think this apron is more my style with the simpler straighter lines. Also, I should have lengthened the bodice. For a better example of an apron made from the pattern I used, check out the one Heide made and posted about on her blog Apron History here. The one I made won’t look like this for long. I’ll be deconstructing it to reuse the fabric. The fabric by the way is DS Quilts from Jo-Ann.

I’ve also made a couple pairs of flannel pj pants. Next up are some pj shorts and a couple other blouses that are more run of the mill styles. The fabric is ready to go for it all. Now to find the time.

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12 comments on “A Trio of Finishes”

  1. Wonderful work on all 3 projects Melissa.
    I especially like the 2nd blouse, love that look of years gone past.
    I don’t think the apron is bad, the bias trim is okay and I love the look of it too. Great fabrics you have picked for all 3 projects :)

  2. I really admire anyone who can make clothing. All three blouses are lovely. I especially like the style of the collar on the first one.

  3. the blouses are lovely! I especially love the first one, just so pretty. I want to start making some clothes and one of the reasons is that I don’t fit in shop bought clothes. I’m short and round with a very large bust, but my shoulders aren’t a foot high as clothes manufacturers seem to think! what puts me off is that I’ll need to learn to redraft the bust section of a pattern at the same time and that kind of scares me…

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