Hello! Last week this yard of Elk Fam Sun print from the Elk Grove knits collection by Jan-Cyn Designs for Birch Fabrics arrived in my mail. It was from this giveaway hosted by Prudent Baby and sponsored by Fabricworm. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sewing with knits. The one and only time I have sewn with knit fabric was in high school when I made a skirt out of a purple polyester knit. It actually turned out quite nice. The fabric I just received is one yard of a 100% organic cotton knit. My question to you is: What can I make with this one yard of knit fabric? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

I want to tell you I am tickled pink when I see a familiar name as the winner of a giveaway. It truly makes me happy when it’s one of you. Feel free to share in the comments when you’ve won a giveaway. I’d love to hear. I know what a fun thing it is to win something and I’d like to share in your joy.

Every week we link up giveaways here. I don’t enter all of the ones in each link up. Only those that tickle my fancy. Lately, my life has gotten so busy I’ve not been able to keep up with all of the giveaways popping up. I’ve been adding what I can but I want to thank everyone that does come back here and add giveaways to the link up. I especially want to thank Wendy and Mara who are truly rock stars when it comes to sharing giveaways with us.

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9 comments on “Giveaway Roundup”

  1. I saw that you had won that! Is a yard enough fabric to make a shirt? I was thinking if I won that it would make a really cute skirt for my daughter. Have fun sewing with knits, I haven’t tried that yet.

  2. Congrats. Such a pretty knit. I haven’t done much with knits so I will hope you have some tips for us. I think it would make a cute shirt or maybe a pair of shorts.

  3. Congrats on the win, is it mustard? I love that color! :)

    You might be able to squeeze out a shirt if you’re into wearing elks that is. Sleeves could be made out of a matching solid color. Personally I think a summery skirt could be fun as well, on the Melly Sews blog there are some instructions for several types of simple skirts. I think first would be to decide whether you think you can rock elks or not. If not, find cute kiddo’s and go wild(er) with fabric choices. ;)

  4. Hi! Thanks to everyone who lists the giveaways ! I did win this week with the AMB hop – I won on the Florida license plate blog! I love your Win Melissa – congrats! It might not be enough for a t-shirt but it is I think for tank top – very cute print!

  5. Congrats on your win! You should be able to make a sleeveless blouse, or a pair or shorts, a pencil skirt, or maybe a pair of capris. I’m a petite on the bottom and long waisted, so I can make something for my lower part fairly easily out of a yard of fabric. Most knit fabric is/was wider than 45″. I have no idea if it still is or not. Have fun with your planning and especially with the making of a project. Oh yeah, if you know someone that is going to have a baby boy (or girl for that matter), it would make a lovely fitted crib sheet.

  6. So wish I could win a Kitchen Aid, I love those and they are double the price here in Greece at 700 euros so almost $1000 dollars! Yikes, hubby will never buy me one.

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