Saturday morning I was sitting drinking a cup of coffee and scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw that my local Instagram friend Brittany (she blogs over at Va-Voom Vintage) posted that she was heading out to Vintage Bliss Market. Vintage Bliss Market? That piqued my curiosity. I hadn’t heard of this event and decided I must go check it out!

I got myself ready. Asked that man if he wanted to go with me, to which I received the expected negative response. He was still in bed after all. Then headed off.

First I stopped by Target to pick up a box of chocolate cake mix for a recipe I would be making when I returned home. I do nearly all of my shopping — groceries or otherwise — at Target. I also picked up a bag of popcorn and a fountain soda at their Food Ave, which was my breakfast on the go.

Then I arrived at Westport Plaza and was ready to explore the over 60 booths that contained a mix of vintage, handmade, repurposed and antique. My budget was the cash in my pocketbook, which was $40. Coincidentally, that’s the maximum cash back amount at Target when paying by debit card.

My first purchase was this salt and pepper set. I’d been wanting a set to have on my kitchen table and these are just perfect. I couldn’t pass up the green glass. I am a sucker for glass, especially jars and bottles. This set makes me so happy. I just want to sit there and stare at them. I am finding I want to just sit here and stare at this photo. Hello, lovelies.

Then I came across a vendor that had a stack of flash cards and I picked out this one. It’s a good reminder.

This! This is the style of apron that’s right up my alley. Plain and simple. It has some wear and stains. I can imagine it being worn by a woman busy in the kitchen. It fits me perfectly and I’d like to use it to draft a pattern to make one from.

Such a pretty floral print, too. I truly do love this apron.

I bought this button card. Not that I needed it. I have quite a bit of vintage sewing notions as it is. But it did catch my eye and I couldn’t pass it up. I like everything about this — the Luckyday name, the colors, the ladies, the buttons.

And this pattern. I hope all of the pieces are there to make the top on the left. It’s actually a vest made to be a top. I think fabric from the Dreamin’ Vintage collection would be perfect. I really like the clean and simple lines. I want to force my curly frizzy hair to be all smooth and flippy like theirs.

In addition to glass, I am also a sucker for vintage kitchen related items. This Rumford baking powder can came home with me, too. It goes perfectly with this little Rumford recipe booklet I have.

The last four items that I mentioned above I bought from Marie who has a shop on Etsy named Glossary, though she doesn’t have any items in it currently. Marie was super nice and I enjoyed talking to her. Plus, her items were very reasonably priced.

The last thing I bought was this magnet. Those who know me are aware I have a sense of humor that’s rather sarcastic and dry.

As luck would have it, I ran into Brittany before I left! I had been keeping an eye out for her. Luckily she posted a couple photos of herself on Instagram (that’s one of them above), so I knew what she was wearing. It was so nice to meet her in person. Doesn’t she look lovely? I don’t think I could carry off victory rolls.

That finished up my jaunt to the vintage market. I’m already looking forward to going to it again next year. There’s just not enough of that type of shopping around here.

When I left there I returned home with my goodies and even some cash still left in my pocketbook. I made these Can’t Leave Alone Bars for That Man to take to a little party he went to that evening. They are super yummy and ooey gooey. He said they were being snatched up pretty quickly and were all gone by the time he left. It’s an easy recipe to make and requires only a few ingredients. Luckily, I was able to send nearly all of what I made with him so there wasn’t but a few left at my house to tempt me.

12 comments on “Vintage Market”

  1. Wow, Woman…you hit the Jackpot! Great post, love the vintage apron, salt and pepper shakers and the magnet!( Right up my alley)
    BTW, I wear Victory Rolls every day…they are located around my waist, though… :0/

  2. It sounds like a fabulous day! I grew up with both grandmothers living with us and they both wore that style apron! I’ve been looking for a pattern for many years. If you were to make a pattern would you consider sharing it? I can’t believe there are still some out there!

  3. You certainly had a great day – I love all the things you bought – what a haul!! The apron is fabulous and the fabric is terrific – if you do make a pattern from it I hope you will share it. Talking of patterns – the pattern you bought is also great – love the top that you want to make from it. Salt and pepper shakers are a great find too – I am a sucker for vintage tins and love the one you found to go with your recipe book. The button is great – love it. Great day!

  4. Oh, what treasures you found. Love the S&P shakers. Button cards are one of my favorite things to look for too. Manufactures were just so much more creative with the cards back then.

  5. Love your breakfast of the day, lol, the salt and pepper shakers are beautiful, and love the top on the left, can’t wait to see it.

  6. That sounds like SO much fun! It’s exactly the kind of thing I’d love to do. Brittney certainly carries off the vintage look, doesn’t she? Your finds are fabulous. Love the sixties pattern! And the forties apron. Just perfect items, all the way around.

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