After being sick with an awful cold this week, I felt I needed to get out of the house and did so the morning of Independence Day.

First, I’m going to rewind for a moment to the cold. It all started Sunday evening with a sore throat and I knew immediately where that was heading. Boo! Hiss! A summer cold. I don’t get summer colds. By Monday morning I did indeed have a cold but it didn’t seem all that bad. Tuesday it had worsened some. By then you could hear it in my voice and I had a cough but it wasn’t so bad to prevent me from going on a trial hike with my brother when I got off work. By Wednesday morning it had slapped me hard and I woke up miserable. I spent that day unable to breathe through my nose. Thursday I could breathe through my nose but was unable to hear. Each day my cough had worsened and I ended up feeling so bad those two days I took off from work. Friday rolled around and I decided to go out for some fresh air.

Since I wasn’t feeling 100% up to par, but at least better than the past two days, I didn’t want to overdo it. I figured this was a good opportunity to check out the little trail at August G. Beckemeier Conservation Area. The conservation area is located in Chesterfield on Olive Blvd little over a mile north of Faust Park. It’s about a 15-20 minute drive from my house. I think the majority of people who drive on Olive Blvd aren’t even aware of the existence of this conservation area.

Before I got started, I was got sidetracked by this bumble bee on a thistle in front of my parking space.

Okay! The conservation area consists of 54 acres and a .75 mile long trail. The sign in my first photo is right at the little parking lot and walking past it is where the trail starts, which begins with this grassy section. I must note that behind the sign under the shade of a tree is a picnic table.

Not long after you begin you come to a fork in the trail. Either way takes you into the woods for the rest of the trail that’s a loop. Clockwise or counterclockwise, it’s your choice. I decided on clockwise.

Into the woods I went. The trail narrows to a packed dirt path.

It’s a very nice wooded trail that mostly looks like this.

Some parts have a little more plant growth like this.

You’ll get to an intersection of trail paths but it’s only to take you off the main trail to this overlook with a bench. The outer edge of the conservation area looks over the waterworks in Chesterfield and past that the Missouri River.

To the left of the bench this little stream runs down the hill. I love to see and hear gently running water. So relaxing.

After you’re finished at the bench you go back to the trail and continue on the loop. Either way you go — clockwise or counterclockwise — the trail through the woods works its way down and then back up.

The next thing you know you’re back out to the grassy part of the trail.

When I returned to the sign by the parking lot I was feeling just fine and decided to give the trail another go in the opposite direction. A trail can be a whole other thing taken in the opposite direction. Completely different views. You tend to notice things you didn’t notice going the other way.

It’s a very nice little conservation area and I recommend stopping by to check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. For a little more adventure, you can go to the nearby Faust Park to walk through the historic village and then hike the Governor Bates Trail, which is just over a mile in length. That’s exactly what I did and I’ll be back to tell you about that in the next day or so.

About the cold, it’s hanging on. My head still has some stuffiness and I have a feeling I’m going to have this cough for awhile. I really hate when it sneaks up on me and explodes into an awful choking and slobbering fit. So dignified it is.

5 comments on “Beckemeier Conservation Area”

  1. Melissa,

    What a great train. I love outside and avoid it most of the time. I have asthma and come back in wheezing even with my medication. I just got back this week from 2+ weeks in NM. I did take the grand boys on a picnic. We stopped and got some food at Sonic. We spread out a blanket and ate. We then went to the playground and the boys and I had fun. This very fair skinned grandma was starting to burn. Then the night before Mom and Dad got back, we took sidewalk chalk and wrote Welcome Home and other things on the driveway for them. The other grandma and I took the boys to the the 8-year old’s end of season baseball party at the splash park. The little one was so cold, his little lips were blue and his teeth were chatting so hard you could hear and see them. We did get out in the car, but most of the time was spent on indoor crafts. I have a person question – I would love a ballpark estimate of a size you wear – upper body. That should do unless you are really not somewhat proportional. I mean I wear a smaller size in the bottom and for why I’m wondering – it won’t matter. I hope you like surprises. Don’t look for the surprise soon. I have a retreat mid-July with Laura Wasilowski and then I’m going to England for 11 days the 1st of August. So, it’ll be sometime, but I have an idea whirring in my brain, good friend. Many thanks. I’ve done nothing except sit on my backside since I’ve been home and I need to get moving a tad. I’m trying to even get some mental energy. I’m hoping to take some precut hexies to hand piece (I don’t EPP). I want a small project to take. I’m thinking of taking embroidery for one color of floss, too. I get bored doing one thing. I’ve downloaded some books to my Kindle reader. I’m not taking my laptop because it’s just too bulky and heavy. So, I’m going to be lost with the internet and the computer. I think I may be able to use my Kindle reader if I can get on Wifi. I know it’s going to be emotional. My husband died a year ago July 30 – just before I leave. And my paternal grandfather was from England. So, I may spend the time crying and crying. I hope I can hold it together. I’ll make sure I have plenty of my anti-depressant with me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trail hike pictures.

  2. Those summer colds must be going around because I have one now. I hate summer colds too. Actually I hate winter cold too. Glad you’re feeling well enough to walk on a beautiful trail.

  3. Beautiful. The pictures, not your cold . . . summer colds are a bummer. Load up on green tea, hot green tea, not cold. Toss a mint leaf in it if you don’t like green tea. It makes it very tasty!

  4. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures with us. I always enjoy your tales of your walks, hikes, etc.
    Sorry to hear you have been sick all week. Hope you start feeling soon :)

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