Good Sunday morning to you! We recently purchased a new camera (a great deal on a display model) and I’ve been trying when I can to work on learning the ins and outs of it. This is a photo I took with it of our Greyhound Krackle. She’s such a pretty girl. We welcomed her into our home when she was about a year and a half old. Later this year she’ll turn 10 but she’s much like she was when she joined our family — silly and talkative.

Well, it’s time to start with a clean slate for giveaways. Every week we link them up. We add them to the link up as we find them. Once again, we all need to give a big thank you to Jess for her hard work adding giveaways to the link up last week. I’m hoping her sharing is rewarded with giveaway winning good karma.

Whenever you happen upon a giveaway please be sure to come back here and add it to the link up. Adding a giveaway to the link up is super duper easy. Click the “Add your link” button below. Paste the URL for the giveaway website in the Link box. It will automatically fill in the Link Title and will give you a selection of images to choose from. Pick the image that most appropriately represents the giveaway. Done!

It would be great if you could add the following at the end of the link title:

  • The date the giveaway ends
  • Indicate when it’s US only

When entering giveaways, be sure to read the blog post the blogger has taken the time to write and comment on the content.

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Thanks for stopping by. Come back throughout the week to find new giveaways to enter and to add any you come across. Remember the number of the last giveaway you entered so you know where to start off when you come back.

Don’t forget to comment here if you’ve won anything. I’d love to hear and share in your joy.

If you think about it, try to help spread the word to others about this link up by mentioning it in a giveaway comment, grabbing my Giveaway Roundup badge to the right or adding a blurb with a link back to my blog. It’s good karma to share.

I hope you have fantastic week!

8 comments on “Giveaway Roundup”

  1. She looks just like my Gwen, and a similar age too, though Gwen doesn’t talk at all except to bellow at Hank when he’s being irritating (which is a lot of the time given he is 5 months old).

    • thanks for finding the giveaways for us. would you mind adding US only when they are as most of them seem to be and I’m not in the US!

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