This mama deer and her two youngsters are enjoying one of the flower beds in my next door neighbor’s yard. Those spots get me every time. So sweet. We enjoy seeing the deer when they pass through. They typically feed on what grows near the creek that goes through the back part of our yard. They like to visit the bird feeders my one neighbor keeps well stocked for the birds and whatever else stops by.

This morning I completed the hand finishing of the binding on the quilt I was working on. I’ll have to share it with you this week at some point. A very simple patchwork of charm squares.

Are you ready to start with a clean slate for giveaways? Every week we link them up. We add them to the link up as we find them. Holy cow! We ended up with over 100 giveaways last week! Wendy was on fire adding nearly half of the giveaways to the link up. I must not forget to also mention Jess, as she added one quarter of them. They are fantastic ladies!

Whenever you happen upon a giveaway please be sure to come back here and add it to the link up. Adding a giveaway to the link up is super duper easy. Click the “Add your link” button below. Paste the URL for the giveaway website in the Link box. It will automatically fill in the Link Title and will give you a selection of images to choose from. Pick the image that most appropriately represents the giveaway. Done!

Please remember the following when entering a giveaway to the link up:

Make sure a giveaway isn’t already in the link up before adding a new one. The widget checks for duplicates but the URL must be exact for it to identify them.

At the end of the title (delete words at the end of what auto fills the box, if necessary) add the following:

  • The date the giveaway ends, if provided (example: ENDS 07/27)
  • Indicate if it’s limited to US entrants only (example: US ONLY)

 Loading InLinkz ...

Thanks for stopping by. Come back throughout the week to find new giveaways to enter and to add any you come across. Remember the number of the last giveaway you entered so you know where to start off when you come back.

Don’t forget to comment here if you’ve won anything. I’d love to hear and share in your joy.

If you think about it, try to help spread the word to others about this link up by mentioning it in a giveaway comment, grabbing my Giveaway Roundup badge to the right or adding a blurb with a link back to my blog. It’s good karma to share.

I hope you have super week!

7 comments on “Giveaway Roundup”

  1. To share the joy: last week I won an imagine quilt e-book, which has some (to me) really cute designs (one or two of which even peaked the interest of the S.O.) – now I just have finish what I’m working on so that I can try some of them! :)

  2. Your July giveaway roundup was good for me. I not only won the KitchenAide mixer but received word yesterday that I won the Sew In Style book (making 18″ doll clothes). Since I have 4 granddaughters (age 5 to newborn), I am now starting to make doll clothes for the “babies”. Thanks, Mel, for hosting this site. It is a fun way to de-stress after a long work-day.

  3. Hey Mel, I have had a great week, I won a PP pattern, a pants pattern and $25 GC, and a layer cake of Folk Art Holiday, I need to buy a lottery ticket! Awesome week! Thanks for hosting this great linky party.

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