This round is now full. Stay tuned for the next one.

Okay! It’s time for Round 4 of the 1930s Fabric Swap! Sign ups will open tomorrow evening (Tuesday, September 9th) at 7:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time) right here at the bottom of this post. I was going to just open up registration when I posted this evening but I figure it would be a nicer thing to give everybody a heads up of the exact time. So, tomorrow evening it is.

Do you like 1930s repro prints? I love them! LOVE THEM! It all comes from the grandmother’s flower garden quilt I have that my grandma made. Her name was Stella, by the way, but we called her Nana. One of these days I need to take it out, photograph it and share it with you here. It is a well loved and well worn quilt. I am planning to make one of my own one day. That’s one thing I’ll be doing with the fabric I’m accumulating. What else will I do with the fabric? I will hug it and pet it and squeeze it and pat it and pet it and love it and caress it and . . . name it George. Yes, my mind works in odd ways.

Okay then. Round 4 will be just like the first and second rounds. Everything pretty much remains the same. One note about payments. Previously I accepted only PayPal for payments. If you’d rather send me a payment — like a money order — that can be done. I know not everybody feels comfortable with paying online.

This is the fabric everybody received in the first round. It’s such a nice variety of prints and colors.

Fabric Requirements:

  • We’re swapping quilt shop quality 1930s prints. Not sure what those are? Check out the outstanding 1930s section at Fort Worth Fabric Studio and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.
  • Fabric must be new, unwashed, pressed, smoke free, etc.
  • Each swap spot is responsible for one continuous yard of fabric cut into 28 pieces measuring 5″x10″ — like a double wide charm square. Be sure there are no selvages included. There’s a super helpful tutorial here about cutting charm squares. Remember we’re cutting 5″x10″ pieces for this swap.

Here’s a diagram to assist you with cutting:

You can also refer to Mara’s layout for cutting which is slightly different but still produces 28 5″ x 10″ pieces.

Flickr Requirements:

  • Join the Flickr group for this swap. If you’d rather not have a Flickr account or have any problems uploading, I can upload your fabric image for you.
  • Before selecting fabric, you need to check the photos in the Flickr group to make sure you don’t chose a print that has already been claimed for the current round. No duplicate prints in the swap. Prints used in previous rounds are fine.
  • Post an image of your fabric right away to the Flickr group.
  • Keep tabs on the Flickr group to see what everybody is adding. Those are the fabrics we’ll all be receiving!

Participation Options:

  1. Send me your cut fabric.
    • Get your hands on one yard of fabric (see Fabric Requirements above).
    • Don’t forget to check the Flickr group first before buying and post an image of the fabric you choose right away or have me upload it for you.
    • Cut the fabric into 28 pieces measuring 5″ x 10″ (see Fabric Requirements above).
    • Mail the cut fabric to me and shoot me an email letting me know.
    • Include a postage paid return envelope (USPS Priority Mail flat rate is easiest and a padded envelope is best) when mailing me your fabric or it’s cheaper for you to send me $4 via PayPal or mail (additional for international ) and I will take care of the envelope, postage, etc.
    • Get your cut fabric in the mail to me no later than October 1st.
  2. Pay a set amount and I’ll take care of everything for you.
    • Send me payment via PayPal or by mail. Here are some amounts. If you are in a country not listed, let me know and I’ll figure the amount for you.
      • USA $15
      • Canada $18
      • England $22
    • Pick out one print from the 1930s section at Fort Worth Fabric Studio (no panels or 108″ backing) and email me letting me know the item number.
    • Don’t forget to check the Flickr group first and post an image of the fabric you choose right away or have me upload it for you.
    • I will order the fabric and cut it for you.
    • I need to receive your payment and be told your fabric choice no later than Wednesday, September 17th.

Here’s a special deal from Fort Worth Fabric Studio!

Jodie at Fort Worth Fabric Studio has a selection of 1930s prints that’s the bee’s knees. It now includes the new Hope Chest collection. Jodie has provided me with a special 10% off code just for the swap participants! Isn’t she the best? I will provide the code in the confirmation email to everybody who gets a spot. This code is for swap participants only and is not to be shared with others. It’s your perk for being part of the swap. The code will be good for one week. You can use it to order anything you like from her online store (except Coming Soon), including sale items. Her product range is fantastic!

A reminder about the deadlines. Mail cut fabric to me no later than October 1st. Payments to me by September 17th. For those paying for me to do everything, I need time to get the order together, place it, wait for the fabric to arrive and then cut it all. The sooner everything gets to me, then the sooner I can get the cut sets sorted and mailed out to everybody.

Please communicate with me! Email me to let me know what’s going on. Communication is a wonderful thing.

A few things about registration. You may sign up for more than one spot in the swap but you must complete and submit the form for each spot. The link will be active at the time sign ups start. I will let it take some extra entries in case anybody drops out, so there are some alternates. Then I’ll turn the form off. The first 28 registered will be in and the rest will alternates and be in for the next round, if they wish to participate.

Complete this form to claim a spot in the swap:

>>> Click here for the sign up form! <<<

What happens next?
Please don’t assume by submitting the form you are automatically in. I will send you an email letting you know if you are in the swap or on the alternate list. Those in the swap will receive the Fort Worth Fabric Studio discount code, payment info and mailing info.

So, in my mind I think I’ve covered everything. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I will reply by email. If it’s looks like a question everybody would benefit from seeing the answer to, I’ll also leave a reply to the comment.

I’m so happy to be doing another one of these rounds and I can’t wait to see the fabric choices!

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