First, I want to thank each and every one of you that helped me out with testing my new giveaway entry method. The comments were overwhelmingly in favor of the simple name and email submission form instead of Rafflecopter. And that’s that!

On to the winner of one set of 28 5″x10″ 1930s repro fabrics. It’s exactly what everybody in this round of my swap will be receiving.

Michele Minehart is the winner of the 5″x10″ set!

Now, because you guys were so awesome with your response I’ve selected two additional winners that will each receive one set of 28 5″x5″ 1930s repro fabrics. That’s one set of the 5″x10″ pieces cut in half to regular charm square size.

Katy Pacholke and usairdoll are the winners of the 5″x5″ sets.

I will send each of you an email. Please reply with your mailing address. Your fabric won’t be mailed out to you until I receive all of the swap fabric, which should be early October at the latest. October 1st is the deadline for participants to get their cut fabric in the mail to me.

Again, thank you everybody for commenting and entering. Watch for another giveaway soon. I was given some fabric recently and I have a need to pay it forward.

I leave you with Keep On the Sunny Side sung by The Whites from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The entire soundtrack from this movie is excellent, by the way.

13 comments on “Thank You For Helping”

  1. I have listened to that album a thousand times and I have seen an excellent concert called Down From the Mountain featuring a number of those musicians including The Whites.

  2. I have always loved Rafflecopter using it for giveaways and entering giveaways using it. But my question is how was the name and e-mail method for you, was it easier on you also?

    • I used the contact form in WordPress with only the name and email fields. WordPress saved the responses in the Feedback area. I was then able to export those records to Excel where I could easily remove any duplicate entries and select the winner(s) randomly. I know some people don’t like Rafflecopter or have trouble with it working for them. Since I decided to go with just one entry per person, this simple form worked out fine. Rafflecopter is geared more toward multiple entries. Using the WordPress form kept everything within my website, also.

  3. WoW! Thank you Melissa! Super sweet and so generous! I’m one of the extra winners and you have made me one happy gal! Will send an email with my info. Congratulations to the other two winners!!


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