Last year Heather Bailey was celebrating her birthday by hosting a giveaway every day for the month of August. I was lucky enough to win two of these giveaways. One being my most favorite giveaway win so far. It was for a Stella Task Lamp.

I remember the day I received the email letting me know I won. I whooped and hollered about winning a lamp. I believe That Man thought I was crazy. Not the first time and certainly not the last.

Here’s Stella on my sewing table with Jan. They get along swimmingly. This lamp has been a lifesaver. I kid you not. I need all the help I can get because my eyes aren’t getting any younger. The light they put on a sewing machine is worthless. I don’t even know why they bother.

This lamp is not only super bright but the neck twists and bends so you can get the light pointed exactly where you need it.

The lamp has three types of light — warm, natural and cool. There are a number of brightness settings, also. It utilizes LED and has 50,000+ hour life. So, no bulbs to burn out and change. Plus, it doesn’t put off heat like other types of bulbs. It has a long power cord, too.

I love this lamp. I couldn’t sew at night without it. I even use it sometimes during the day.

This is how I usually use it when I’m sewing.

Sometimes like this. It’s great that I can bend and angle it right inside of that space.

Another reason I love it is because the name is Stella and that’s my grandma’s name.

Here she is with my grandpa. Check them out! She’s the woman behind my love of 1930s repro prints.

I meant to share my Stella lamp experience with you already but never got around to it. What else is new? However, I saw that Massdrop has a deal right now that expires in less than a week. The manufacturer’s retail price is $220. The Massdrop lowest price is $149.99 with free shipping in the US (and their international shipping cost is usually low). They only need 20 people to commit to buy to reach the lowest price. Otherwise, the starting buy price is $169.99. That’s still well below the full retail price. You can actually sign up to buy only if it reaches the lowest price without any risk of buying at a higher price if it doesn’t get the 20 needed.

Go to the Massdrop website here. If you’ve never been there before, they’ll only ask you to enter your email address and create a password to enter the site. That’s it. Once you’ve done that, just click the Buy link at the top left and then select the Crafting category on the left side. You’ll see the Stella lamp listed along with a handful of other products currently available.

Not familiar with Massdrop?  Here’s their description:

Massdrop takes a group of people that each want to buy the same thing, combines their order, and places that order directly with the vendor. As a result, everybody in the group gets the large quantity price while only having to buy one (or two, or ten). (Pro Tip: The bigger the group, the better price that everyone will get!)

They also have polls on their site where you can vote for possible future buys.

Now, I must tell you the link I have provided you to Massdrop is a referral link. If you go to their website and create an account I get credit for referring you. I don’t receive anything for that. However, if you buy anything, then you become a paying referral and it counts toward me earning a gift box once five people I’ve referred have made a purchase. I feel you need to know that.

Anyway, they’ve had a number of deals for fabric, thread, sewing supplies and stuff like that. I took part in the buy for a set of six spools of neutral Aurifil thread. They also have other types of products available, too.

So, go give the deal a look. I know it’s a decent chunk of change to plunk down for a lamp but I think it’s well worth the money from my experience using it this past year.

In case you were wondering what the other Heather Bailey giveaway was that I won, it was my choice of two prints from Laura Gunn’s Etsy shop. Above are the two I picked. I love birds. Shame on me not framing and hanging them up yet!

Lastly, nobody requested me to talk about my Stella lamp or the Massdrop deal. I wanted to give you my honest review from a year of use and let you know about getting yourself one for a price much lower than it usually sells for. I often see reviews of products that were given to the reviewer and I wonder how honest the gushing praise is. You need not worry here because I mean everything I’ve said about this lamp.

6 comments on “Stella”

  1. Thanks for your honest appraisals. I signed up for Massdrop when they offered the Aurifil thread a while back. I’ve made several purchases, saving money and time. Thanks for that tip, also. You’re right about the light included in the sewing machine. I use mine to make sure I’ve turned my machine off, after the room lights are off. Useless for sewing…

    • I had only done the Aurifil buy but today I was looking and decided to do the one for the Superior Thread Holder. My machine isn’t made for cones and this will work out much better than my jerry-rigging. Exactly what you said about the light — it lets me know whether or not I’ve turn my machine off.

  2. Wow, Mel, that was one heck of a win! Looks like a great lamp with lots of good features. The birds are gorgeous, too. I appreciate your honesty in telling us about the referral. I’m still wishing I’d been able to do the thread – just no money right then.

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