You probably have seen the Around the World Blog Hop. It’s almost like a blog chain letter but with variation of the content and without the threat of bad luck. I followed it back and it looks to have originated with a writer a year or so ago. From what I recall when I found it, there were additional questions that were geared toward writers. Within the quilting and sewing community it’s gotten down to four questions but you can still see the writing world origin in the questions.

I was invited to participate by Krista, who I know in real life from the quilt guild we belong to. She blogs over at Sew What’s Cooking. As you can tell by the name of her blog, Krista sews and cooks. I don’t know how she finds the time to do all she does. She makes, creates patterns and tutorials, cooks and shares recipes. Please be sure to give her a visit to see what all she has going on and to see her Around the World blog post.

On to the questions!

What am I working on?

I have a number of things going on.

These are for a quilt I’m making. On the left are 96 charm squares from three Bee My Honey charm packs. On the right are 96 5″ squares I cut from Moda Weave fabric. Saturday afternoon I sewed them into pairs that I need to press and then figure the layout for the quilt. It’ll be a simple patchwork like a checker board. This one is especially for me because my first name means honey bee in Greek, as I have mentioned before.

I’m piecing pillows with these happy Hope Chest 1930s repro prints. I should have them done this week or next depending on how my days go.

Next up are a couple cross stitch projects.

The main part of this cross stitch design is complete. I have ninety some-odd roses to stitch around the whole thing for the border. That’s 32 count linen stitched over two threads. Hello, reading glasses!

These are characters from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This one is easier on my eyes with 14 count Aida. I have another one I haven’t started yet for my daughter that are characters from the movie Mean Girls. These two cross stitch patterns are from weelittlestitches on Etsy. They have some other really cool ones, too.

I also have my quilty stitches cross stitch sampler but it’s not in my cross stitch container. Hmm.

Only one apparel project in progress. I do have others sitting in the wings that I haven’t started.

I’m making the short sleeve shirt view B in this red and white tiny gingham. I have the main part of the bodice sewn together and it’s on my dress form. It needs the rest added to it — sleeves, collar, button placket, buttons and hem.

Other than that, I’m working on the fourth round of my 1930s Fabric Swap.

These are the fabrics I’ve received so far. I’m hoping the last of them will arrive this week so I can sort and mail them out to everybody.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Genre. I don’t believe I have a genre. I know there are some people you can associate with specific types of items — quilts, apparel, accessories, signs, jewelry. Some have a distinct style you can easily identify. I really just like to make things and a variety of them.

I do prefer a vintage or retro feel.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I enjoy the process of creating and the satisfaction of the end result. I am also practical and usually what I make has a use or purpose.

I like to make things that have a special meaning and then they are a reminder.

The first quilt I made last year had granny square blocks. To me the granny squares represented me in the center, my mom as the next ring and her mom as the third ring. Every time I see that quilt I think of my mom and Nana. It’s like being hugged by them when I use it.

I create, make, work with my hands to connect me to my parents, my grandparents and others who are no longer here or who came and went before me. To know I’m carrying on a tradition.

Sometimes I make to challenge myself. Sometimes I make because I don’t want to buy something I know I can make or make at less cost or make to be exactly how I want it.

How does my writing/creating process work?

When I make something, I like to do it all from start to finish myself. I don’t buy kits and any patterns I buy are usually for apparel. I want what I make to be mine, so I will choose my own supplies — fabric or whatever is needed for what I’m making — and not duplicate what another has made.

Okay. Honestly, once in awhile I will make something that’s much like what I’ve seen.

Like this.

My creative process resides mainly in my head. I may jot down a few notes or calculations but it’s pretty much all in my head. A lot of what I do is on the fly. I will come up with a general idea but not figure out all of the details before I start and let it come together as I go along.

Sometimes I will have an idea to make something that I file away mentally until I come across the right fabric or until the full idea comes together. Sometimes I have fabric that I set aside and let roll around inside of my head until an idea pops.

I want making to be a positive experience. I can’t do it if I’m not in the mood. That’s what she said. Because of this I don’t normally work through one project non-stop from start to finish. There can be days in between the times I work on it or I might move on to another project and then back.

A couple of lovely ladies have accepted my invitation to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop and will publish posts on their blogs the week of October 6th (next week).

First is Brittany who blogs at Va-Voom Vintage. She is a lovely lady and carries off her vintage look so naturally. We first met on Instagram and then in real life this summer at a vintage market event. Brittany makes vintage inspired apparel and accessories and recently opened her Etsy shop Wacky Tuna Vintage.

Next is Bethany who blogs at Sew Ruthie. She and I share a passion for giveaways! She’s a talented quilt maker and I enjoy seeing her finished work. I’m looking forward to seeing the answers to the blog hop questions to learn more about her process.

Well, that’s it! Be sure to visit Brittany and Bethany next week to see how they answer the questions.

11 comments on “Around the World”

  1. That was a great post! Talk about having a lot going on!

    Thanks for playing along. I loved reading about you and love your comment about creating as a way of connecting to those who came before keeping tradition going.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and inviting me to participate! It was interesting answering the questions. It made me think about what it is I do.

  2. This hop has been lots of fun as I learn more about so many bloggers. I posted on the hop today too. Your process is so different from mine but I love your results. A good reflection of who you are. I usually have a plan and find it much harder to wing it.

  3. Oh dear, what have you done to me? Seeing the Pixel People reminded me I wanted to stitch one for my husband… I’ve just been over and bought 2 charts from them!

  4. Your mental acuity must be awesome, I have to jot things down or I totally forget what I wanted to do with that fabric, or my (what I think) totally awesome pattern was. I have 3 notebooks because my brain also can’t remember where I have put them, lol. I loved reading more about you, Μελι Μου.

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