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Okay! I’m looking for some quick input here. Massdrop has this Curve Master 1/4″ presser foot deal that ends tomorrow. The price is $14.99 with free shipping in the US. The MSRP is $30. It comes with a bunch of adapters for different machines.

When it comes to quilt piecing I really don’t have experience sewing curves but it’s something I plan on doing. There’s a couple 1930s quilt blocks I have in mind.

Image from Massdrop.

Has anybody used this presser foot? Love it? Leave it? Prefer a different foot or method for sewing curves when piecing quilts?

My inquiring mind wants to know!

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28 comments on “Curve Master Presser Foot {yea or nay}”

    • I was thinking a regular foot would do the trick but wanted to get some opinions because over 100 people have bought the deal. No need to send me yours! :)

  1. I just use a regular quarter inch foot and curves cause me no problems. I personally wouldn’t waste the money. Especially knowing how many feet I have that I rarely if ever use.

    • Man! I’ve not sewn curves yet when piecing quilts so I don’t know how it will go for me. Maybe if I wait and it doesn’t work out for me, they’ll do this drop again.

    • That’s what I’m thinking. I guess I won’t know until I do. I’ve sewn curves with regular sewing not for quilts where accuracy is much more important.

  2. I have had one for years and have never used it. I think I paid about $10 – I’ve had so long. Anyhow, there was a lady selling them at the Green Country Quilt Guild show in Tulsa in June. She claims they are great for sewing accurate 1/” seams – straight as well as curved. I hadn’t thought about straight seams and still haven’t dug mine out and used it. Just FYI.

    • Yeah. I read the foot is for both curved and straight seams. I’m thinking of waiting and see how it goes when I finally do start piecing curves. Thanks for your input!

  3. Since I have a large stack of Grandmother’s Fan blocks to finish, I purchased the foot at a quilt show last month. It works, better than pinning; just an adjustment on holding the fabric as it goes under the needle. So far, I like it….and certainly not the worst purchase I’ve ever made. Ha ha.

  4. I bought one years ago. I haven’t used it but once because I haven’t done curves since. But every quilt show I go to I talk to the rep. for the Curve Master and I know it will sew curves better when I use it because the toe of the foot is short and therefore allows the stitcher to feed the fabric through as Debra said-with an adjustment in how the fabric is held. A regular foot with a long toe holds the fabric back from feeding in as the fabric is manipulated. The price sounds great.

  5. I have seen them used at shows and they worked really well, but I would never pay the $30 for it. I saw the massdrop for $15 and thought that was a good deal so I ordered one ….I think the reason it makes it easier is the “edge” that the fabrics butt up against. Because the fabric cannot move too far to the right, it allows them to stay in line better…just my uneducated guess. Previously, I matched and pinned both ends, center and used a air soluable glue stick around the two halves to glue the two pieces together before sewing. That worked fine, but was quite tedious.

  6. I’ve been flip flopping on wanting to try it too. I like sewing curves and have not really had problems with a regular foot but I’m intrigued about how this one is designed to be shorter. I’m just a little annoyed that the write up seems to leave out some of this info (if someone didn’t ask in the comments I wouldn’t have known) and I don’t think the videos from the actually creator/company of the foot are very clear or educational. I’m way too lazy to do much research on it :) Maybe I’ll think about it if the drop comes up again . Hopefully some people who have purchased it will post about it *hint hint* ;)
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  7. I swayed back and forth on that mass drop. I watched a couple of videos on youtube, and those made me commit to the drop. I also bought the quick curve ruler. I will be getting my curve on soon! I’m hoping these two tools will help me get over my fear of curves. Good luck making your mind up.

  8. You really don’t need it. With my Bernina the only option I would have to buy the Curve Master and then a special $50 foot for the Bernina. I never did and one day just sat down and sewed all my curved pieces that has been waiting for several years. Save your money for fabric! Just pin the curves at the beginning and end of the pieces and you will slowly sew and see how easy it really is.

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