Autumn is in full color in my neck of the woods. How is it where you are? Yesterday we went on an all day trip hiking at three conservation areas and one state park.  All places I’d never been to. It was a fantastic day! I really can’t put into words how magnificent the things were that we saw. There was so much pink granite and sandstone. The canyons. The water. I have a bunch of photos to go through from my camera. The one above was on the road to Hawn State Park. It really doesn’t do justice to the vibrant orange glow these woods had with the sun shining through it.

All of that hiking yesterday has left me rather lazy today. I’m also a bit achy since out hiking involved some rock climbing. So, I’ve been lounging on the couch watching Being Human on Netflix and doing some cross stitch.

Welp, it’s time to start a fresh Giveaway Roundup! We link up giveaways we come across throughout the week. If you happen upon one on some blog, please come back here and share it with the rest of us. Adding a giveaway to the link up is super duper easy. Click the “Add your link” button below. Paste the URL for the giveaway website in the Link box. It will automatically fill in the Link Title and will give you a selection of images to choose from. Pick the image that most appropriately represents the giveaway. Done!

Please remember the following when entering a giveaway to the link up:

Make sure a giveaway isn’t already in the link up before adding a new one. The widget checks for duplicates but the URL must be exact for it to identify them. At the end of the title (delete words at the end of what auto fills the box, if necessary) add the following:

  • The date the giveaway ends, if provided (example: ENDS 12/15)
  • Indicate if it’s limited to a particular location (example: US ONLY)
I changed it so the images in the link up are slightly larger. What do you think?

 Loading InLinkz ...

Thanks for stopping by. Come back to find new giveaways to enter and to add any you come across. Remember the number of the last giveaway you entered so you know where to start off when you come back.

Don’t forget to comment here if you’ve won anything. I’d love to hear and share in your joy. Also, let others know about the link up. It’s good karma to share!

9 comments on “Giveaway Roundup”

  1. Autumn has not come to eastern OK yet. It’s still very, very warm. It was in the high 70’s and low 80’s today. I’m sure that when autumn finally appears, it will be here in all it’s splendor and glory. Thanks for hosting the giveaway roundup and sharing a touch of autumn with those of us who are patiently waiting.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful photo!
    I would have stayed there all day basking in the beauty! Those lovely trees are just begging to be painted!!!

  3. Fall is my favorite season of all. The brilliantly colored leaves are absolutely glorious. I especially love it when there is a slight chill in the air. Perfection!

  4. I love Autumn also. I like the larger images. Makes it easier to pick and choose. Thanks for this. Thanks for posting these for all of us out here.

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