I’ve always had an open mind when it comes to the paranormal. I’ve had moments when I thought I’d seen something or heard a noise. A couple times I’ve been in my kitchen and thought I saw out of the corner of my eye somebody walk past the kitchen doorway in the living room toward what is a wall with a fireplace but originally there had been an outside door. I had never had anything happen that was definite. That is until a few months after my dad died.

This is my dad and I starting our walk together down the aisle to the altar on the day I married That Man in 1989. I was rather nervous and teary right before as we waited on the other side of the doors but immediately after this photo was taken as I started walking down the aisle I was suddenly completely calm. If you noticed the year (1989) you may have guessed it’s our 25 year anniversary this year. Actually, in just over a week. But I digress.

Oh, and my mom made my wedding dress. I was such a stick and the skirt so heavy that she had to sew in strips of satin as suspenders to hold it up. But I digress. Again.

My dad died in July of 2001 after being in a nursing home for a year and a half. He’d withered away. Wore out. One of my brothers and I spent my dad’s last day sitting on either side of his bed. Holding his hand. Watching his breathing. Reassuring him it was okay to let go. It was a long day. At dinnertime we both decided to go eat and then meet back there. My house was less than a five minute drive away.

I walked into my house and maybe a minute or two later my phone rang. It was the nursing home calling to let me know my dad had just died. I know he waited for us to leave. I can imagine all day long he probably was thinking: Are they ever going to leave?

A few months later we went to a family gathering at my brother’s house. He has an atrium ranch and when you go through the front door there’s an open entry area that leads immediately to the living room. Everybody was in that space standing around. We had just walked in. I was standing the furthest away toward the front door with my back to it.

One of my niece’s sons was doing something exceptionally cute and we all were looking from one to the other smiling and laughing. Without even thinking anything of it, I sensed the physical presence of somebody standing behind me and I turned back to see my dad. He was standing there as I’d remembered him before his health declined. Dressed as he normally would have been. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. In that moment it had not registered what had just happened and I turned away. Then it immediately hit me. I looked back where he had been standing and he was gone. I looked around the room to see if I could tell if anybody else had just seen what I had but nothing.

The rest of the evening I kept thinking about it but for some reason didn’t mention it to anybody until the next day. Nobody else had seen what I had. Nobody else has seen him since, including me. Oh, I’d love to see him again!

It was one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened in my life. I cherish that brief moment. I know it was his way of letting me know he was doing fine. At this moment I know he’s probably golfing with his brother.

One thing I want to mention is my brother’s house was built while my dad was in the nursing home. He’d never been to it while living.

Now, my mom died last year and she’s not had any contact with me. She and I had discussed it a few times over the years that she would do all she could to communicate with me and she promised again days before she died. I’m not sure what’s interfering with this happening but I look forward to when it finally does.

Have you had any kind of paranormal experience? I’d love to hear about it. Hopefully, nothing scary or terrifying. Please share.

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  1. No I have never had anything personally. But I have a sister in law who can detect that a person has died in a certain room. Recently she bought a house. She was going thru the house with the relator. When they got upstairs in one of the bedrooms she stopped and said to the relator that some one had died here. He laughed at her. When they got downstairs he asked the lady of the house and she asked why? He told her what his client had said. She said yes that her dad had died in that room not too long ago. This happens with my sister in law a lot. She has felt the presence of her dad numerous times.

  2. Wow, that is very interesting! My grandfather passed away in April and recently I have been dreams about him almost every night. They are always very vivid and when I wake up I wonder why I have them. Pretty crazy!!

  3. I have actually two instances of something happening one with my dad and one with my mom. Let’s start with my dad. He had been sick all year, matter of fact he was on a ventilator for a second time and had told my brother and myself after the first time he didn’t want to go that way. So the second time the doctors called every one in my brother told them to disconnect the machine. Well the stubborn old goat that he was, kept on ticking, but they did consider him terminal. Six months go by and my aunt myself would go to the house make sure he had meals and stuff like that. Also social services would come in along with hospice. I was getting ready to go out of town for a few days to FL and I was going to my cousins. I went to his house that morning, then I went home to pack. I didn’t even make it in the house until he was calling, so I was trying to talk and pack at the same time. Consider this he didn’t like to talk on the phone. When I got to my cousins, she asked how Uncle Tommy was. My. response was, he is going to be gone when I get home and she just looked at me. I flew out that Monday to come home and when we go to the door my husband said there was a note from my brother. I told him daddy’s gone. He passed away up in the night. I guess we had gotten so close over the last six months we both knew.

    the day after my mother had passed away, my kids, friends and my self were trying to clean her apartment out. ( They wanted to get everything taken care of so I didn’t have to do it by myself.). Mama had said there was a stray cat she had been feeding, and we saw it roaming around. We had left the doors open on the Explorer while we were loading it. The next thing you know my husband told me to go look in the seat. The kitten was asleep on the passenger seat, so we just left her. She stayed like that the whole time and never moved, so we just brought her home with us. I may be crazy but I think my mom’s spirit is in that cat. Her name is Trixie and she is just like my mother, very affectionate to the point she is demanding. She has to get right in your face. She is also very vocal.

    I do believe. It seems like I always have a part of them with me.

  4. I once had what I call a “premonition”. I was in my late 20’s with a 2 year old and a busy life. My mother suggested we should come to visit for the upcoming weekend as my grandmother had been hospitalized and not doing well. The weather was bad, the timing was bad and it was a long drive but I really felt like we should go. So my husband, son and I went. Turned out that just before we got there my grandmother improved and ended up coming home from the hospital and we all had a wonderful weekend. My son was my parents’ only grandchild at that time, so they were thrilled to have him there. We went home on Sunday. Sunday night after going to bed my mom had a massive brain aneurysm that ruptured. By the time I got back there the next day she was comatose and died a few hours later. This aneurysm hadn’t been detected before it ruptured but I think God was sending me a message to visit that weekend. So glad I paid attention.

  5. I’m quite skeptical of these events. I think it shows the power of the unconscious mind. And believe me, it’s not for a lack of wanting it to be true. I was 19 when my Mother was killed by a drunk driver. We were very close and her death was a shock. So much so that I divide my life into two: Before and After. Her death changed everything. She believed very strongly in the afterlife and the “spiritual realm”. I figure if anyone was going to come back for a visit, it would be her. I so want just 5 minutes with her. The hardest thing about losing someone suddenly is you never get to say goodbye.

  6. Hi Mel! That’s a lovely memory! I did have a couple of experiences. Premonitions in dreams. The one related to the passing of a family member went like this. We were spending a weekend at the beach. I dreamt my moms cousin was with us in our grandmas house. My grandma had passed away the year before. This cousin comes into the kitchen and tells me that he is going to pay Cholita (my grandma) a visit. And he says it twice. I’m going to visit Cholita. I wake up to the sound of hurried knocks on the door. It was a messenger (no mobile phones back then) informing us that this cousin had just died of a heart attack when he was driving his taxi cab.
    And like you, I also see through the corner of my eye some figures walking by. I’m not scared anymore but when I was a little girl it was so hard to go to sleep!

  7. i had one room in the house i used to live in that would make the hair on your neck stand up.
    After my son got killed in a wreck he came to me at the funeral and put his arms around my neck. comforting

  8. I was really close to my aunt and uncle and they both came in my dreams when they passed away. But never have come while I was still awake. But it felt real though.

    With my Aunt, I can see that she was peaceful even though she had a tough life at the end.

    With my Uncle, he had died very young and left 2 little kids and wife behind. I was still in college and he asked me if I could take care of their kids my supporting their educations :). I did do that :).
    Its really interesting to hear your experience.

  9. I love this post. You do need to remain open to these experiences in order to have them. I’ve not had one like yours, but it was a while after my Dad passed away that I had a dream. I was in church sitting in the aisle seat of the pew before Mass started. I looked to my right just in time to see my Dad walking down the aisle toward me. My face lit up and I said Hi! And then my dream ended. I’ve never seen him in my house. He’s been gone since 2007. But funny story here. My mom and dad always saved the little slivers of bar soap and when there were enough, my dad took them and squeezed them into a ball of soap that we could easily use again. A little warm water and his strong hands, made a nice soap ball! Just the other day I tried to do the same thing with just two soap slivers. I’ll be darned those pieces just slipped all over the place out of my hands. I said, “dad, how did you ever do this!!” Then I placed the pieces in my hand in just the right way and squeezed them so they stuck! Right away I said “Thanks Papa Bear!” Kind of corny, but I know he must have been smiling down on me.

  10. My best friend and I have been like family from the time of our birth. Actually, it started WAY before that as our families were close LONG before we were born. Her family was my second family. Several years ago her dad died. We are both only children and I took her dad’s death really hard. After the funeral just our two families were back at her parents’ home. I was hot and reached for the switch on the wall to turn on the overhead fan. “That doesn’t work”, her mom said. “It’s been broken for two years but he was too sick to fix it”. Several hours later we were getting ready to leave. Of course, our mom’s were busy “talking” when we should have been walking out the door. Over the years we had all joked about their constant talking by making little mouth motions with our hands (think of the hand motions in the chicken dance). As usual, I rolled my eyes and looked up at the ceiling and made the mouth motions. I was sure her dad was watching. Without a sound the ceiling fan began to slowly spin. It picked up speed until it was going full and producing quite a breeze. I think it was her dad’s way of letting me know that he WAS watching, and a way of fixing the fan he had been too sick to fix here on earth.

  11. Another time, I had a family member who died in a car accident…way too young. She had been married less than two years earlier and had danced to “Butterfly Kisses” with her dad. During her funeral mass they played “Butterfly Kisses”. In my head I asked her to show me butterflies if she was okay. Before the song ended a yellow butterfly landed on her father’s shoulder, only two rows directly in front of me. You could hear the murmur in the church as people sitting behind him began noticing the butterfly on his shoulder. I don’t know if he was even aware of it at the time.

  12. I definitely believe there are times and places where our minds are open, usually not when someone is trying, when our loved ones can communicate. How wonderful you had that experience, even for a moment.

  13. I have experienced loved ones that passed on since I was young. The first was the billyman- I talked about him since I learnt to talk and when I was 14 I saw a photo of him for the first time- my mum got cross when I said it was the billyman- it turned out it was her dad who had died 14 months before I was born. When I was about 30 my mum gave me another look at the family photos and I found a postcard addressed to Billy- it turned out that was what her dad called her- her name was Edna.
    My dad died just before my 21st (32 years ago) and since then I’d get the smell of his tobacco and aftershave at various times. Since my mum died 11 years ago I have smelt bread pudding cooking. In real life I have no sense of smell. Since then I lost a granddaughter (stillborn 4 years ago) & my big sister 6 weeks ago and have been lucky to have seen messages from them. The one that touched my heart most was in March when my little angel sent not just a feather but a a whole live budgerigar to let me know her baby brother was about to be born (he was due to be induced the next day I got the call that my daughter was in labour an hour and half after I took the budgie to the local vet on my way back to work- I left work immediately after getting the call and was with my daughter when he was born 3 hours after I first saw and caught the budgie when hurrying back to work)

  14. Mel, I’m late to the game with this but just read it and wanted to comment. My husband and I had a beloved dog that passed away 5 1/2 years ago. There were many times after she passed away that I would catch a glimpse of her passing the kitchen as she walked down the hallway. I could hear her as she walked by too. One afternoon when this happened it was 2 o’clock. That night I mentioned to my husband that I saw her again and he said that he saw her that day at 2 from the bedroom as she walked down the hall away from him and passed the kitchen where I was and caught a glimpse of her going by. We both saw her at the same time in the same place from different rooms we were in.

  15. Hi Mel,

    your post made me tear up and cry – I had a very similar experience when my father passed away in 1996. I was in FL, at a school in USAF, and I got word that I better get home. I didn’t make it in time to say good-bye. I was very close to my father – like a real daddy’s girl. At the wake, I was sitting next to my first husband on a pew. I was crying so hard, trying not to be a spectacle. I had my head bent down, in my father’s hanky, dabbing my eyes, and crying. Someone behind me put his warm hand on my shoulder to pat me, like to say, “it is okay.” I turned around to tell the person “Thank you, I am fine” and when I did, no one was in the pew behind me! I suddenly recognized the warm hand belonged to my father and was his way to comfort me. I suddenly was so happy!! I didn’t feel like he was gone at all, but rather, just waiting for the time for us to be together again! But actually, I have had tons of “paranormal” or “predictions” in my life time. Sorta freaky. Most happened when I was younger. I have so many, but will share a couple. Once, when a teenager, my mom and I and my sister were on the way to mall, and suddenly, I told mom not to park where we usually do. She looked at me strangely, but I insisted we go somewhere else to eat, it wasn’t feeling “safe.” While eating down the street, suddenly sirens came flying down the street – turns out that a freak tornado came out of no where and wiped out the exact area where we usually parked and tore up the the little cafe that we were originally headed to. Another time, later in life, while living in Germany, we were watching an air show, which I love. I grew up watching them. Suddenly, while on the blanket, I announced, “we have to go!” I got up, and others followed me, confused, but I insisted. We got about a 1/2 mile away, and suddenly I turned and said, “We have to watch the Italians fly!” While in they were in the air, I suddenly started to cry and cover my face and my friends thought I was freaking out. Suddenly, about 15 seconds later, a huge crash midair during a flight pattern. One plane, on fire, rolled right into the crowd, right where we were sitting on the blanket earlier. I have many things like this throughout my life. But I prefer the happy ones – like my dad touching me.

    Thanks for the post – it was very moving. And yes, I try to hang on to that special moment with my dad too.

    Big hug

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