Happy Sunday! I’m popping in to let you know I’m making a couple changes to the Giveaway Roundup.

First — Recently I added the dedicated page for the Giveaway Roundup but continued doing a weekly post that also included the link up. This week I’m discontinuing the weekly post and am having the link up only on the Giveaway Roundup page.

Second — The link up is now permanent. It has no expiration date. Instead of posting a new link up every Sunday, I will instead be refreshing it by removing any giveaways that have expired.

These updates will make sure there will always be an active link up available and that it will be in one location that does not change. This will be beneficial for me and I hope for you, too.

You can find the Giveaway Roundup link up >> here.

I leave you with a couple visitors I had on my deck one day.

First up is this Cooper’s Hawk. It surprised me when I was walking past the back door to go to the basement. I hurried off to grab my camera and was only able to get this quick photo before it flew off. It does have two legs — one foot is on the chair back and the other is on the deck rail.

A little while later this eastern grey squirrel was hanging out on top of a post.

4 comments on “Making Changes”

  1. The Cooper’s Hawk is beautiful. I often get to watch the squirrels eating and playing on our deck. We have the red ones. Nature, even on our back porches can bring a moment of peach and joy to our hectic world. Thanks for sharing. Iv’e never seen this type of hawk.

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