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UPDATE: Since some bloggers may have trouble embedding the link up in their blog post, it can be linked instead. There can be a link in the blog post either linking to the Inlinkz page for the link up or to my Giveaway Roundup page.

Howdy, happy people! Here’s the rest of the info about my Giveaway Roundup reboot! Don’t worry, I’m not going to bombard you any more about this. I don’t want my blog to be overrun with giveaway related posts. I’m just here to put a call out to bloggers who would like to co-host the Giveaway Roundup link up for just one month with just one blog post. I’m looking for a co-host or two each month. There’s no heavy lifting involved. Here’s how everything is going to work.

The first of each month I will publish a blog post with a fresh new link up to be used the entire month. I will mention in the blog post who the co-hosts are for the month and include a link to the blogs.

By the 7th of the month each co-host needs to publish a blog post that includes the link up. Either embed the link up in the blog post or link to it. The content of the blog post is up to the co-host. It doesn’t have to be only about the link up. It can just be included in the blog post. The link up will have within it the simple instructions for visitors to add links. You can go to my main Giveaway Roundup page to check it out.

On the 8th of the month I will publish a blog post for a giveaway. Why? Because I love doing giveaways. I’ve had good luck winning some and like to pay it forward. In the giveaway post I will once again link to the co-hosts. The entry to the giveaway will be a simple name and email address but there will be three optional questions that can be answered as part of the entry. One question pertaining to each of the co-hosts and the answers will be found by visiting those blogs. Nothing difficult or time consuming. Each question answered correctly will count for an additional entry.

The giveaway will remain open for entries through the end of the month and the winner will be announced at the beginning of the next month.

I will provide the giveaway prize at my own expense. However, I’d be tickled pink if there are any businesses or individuals that would like to sponsor a giveaway. I would mention and link to the sponsor in the giveaway post. If you’re interested in sponsoring a giveaway, please contact me here.

What I’m looking for with this reboot is to spread the word so there’s more participation in the link up. I really love giveaways and I know how much fun they are to win. I’m hoping to generate more entries for the giveaways that are linked up and more visitors to the blogs hosting the giveaways and co-hosting the link up. It’s a good way to find some new blogs that you may end up really liking and want to follow.

How does that all sound? If you’d like to co-host, please fill out the form below. I will provide the link up details for that month. You can simply link directly to my Giveaway Roundup page or the Inlinkz page for the link up that month. If you would like to embed the entire link up in your blog post, you will need to sign up for a free InLinkz account.

I’ve already updated the main Giveaway Roundup page, as well as published a blog post about that earlier today. You may have also noticed I have two new badges for the link up (below and at the top of this) and a new main image, too! Go to my Giveaway Roundup page to grab a button. There’s a few sizes available for each one.

I’m really looking forward to getting this going!

Missouri Mel's Giveaway Roundup

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  1. Oh, that lets me out. I can’t do the linky on wordpress unless I’m paying to have it on my own domain. It doesn’t work on the free ones. That’s my understanding, anyway. However, I might sponsor a giveaway with a gift certificate or fabric or something. Just holler when you need someone to do that, and I’ll put something together. =)

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