I’m sponsoring a little giveaway over at The Giveaway Roundup. Above is what is being given away. A Melody Miller typewriter, some large Echino scraps and a large spool of Aurifil thread.

The typewriter I won in a giveaway on Instagram along with a larger piece of a different Melody Miller print. I just can’t think of what I would do with that typewriter. It’s better off with somebody else than sitting in my drawer. The Echino scraps were part of¬†another Instagram giveaway I won last year. The spool of thread was in a set of thread I bought on Massdrop. I already have a cone of white (2024)¬†Aurifil thread, so I don’t really need that one.

Head on over to The Giveaway Roundup to enter the giveaway!

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